Jackson Hole Babymoon

Jackson Hole Honeymoon
July 31, 2016
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August 9, 2016
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Jackson Hole Babymoon

Jackson Hole Babymoon

This summer at the Inn on the Creek there have been a ‘different’ kind of vacationer. These vacationers are couples taking a Jackson Hole BabymoonSo, you may ask; “What in tarnations might that entail?”  Well, read on and let me tell you why this is the latest craze at Inn on the Creek.

Couples that are expecting a new addition to the family are looking for quiet time before the little tyke comes along. So, they kiss and hug the other kiddos good-bye and drop them off with granny (and promise to return). Then the Jackson Hole BabyMoon begins as they head on out to the Wild West.

Jackson Hole Babymoon

There may be nothing wild about the itinerary they choose. Perhaps just breakfast in bed; relaxing to the peaceful sound of the creek outside their rooms; and definitely spa days, spa days, spa days.


Jackson Hole is known for its extreme outdoor activities, but do not worry. For those of us who appreciate a low-to-moderate hike with nature there are plenty to go around. No matter what kind of walk or hike you are looking for, each and every trail is unique, beautiful and so tranquil. We promise you will get lost in nature and forget about your TO-DO list preparing for your new bundle of joy.

Jackson Hole Babymoon

Stroll down a peaceful trail on your Jackson Hole Babymoon.


Jackson Hole Babymoon

Take in the serene views of the mountain scapes.

Other activities that BabyMooners have enjoyed are:

  • Floating the Snake River
  • Visiting all the highlights in Yellowstone National Park
  • Taking the ferry across Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park. Check out our blog on this fun activity.
  • Eating for two! Check out our blog on our favorite restaurants in the area.
  • Treat yourself to a spa day. Another great blog to check out on the spas in the area.

Think of us, at Inn on the Creek, when you need to get away (or escape) to spend some quality time together on your Jackson Hole BabyMoon.


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