Visit Jackson Hole- an Inn on the Creek Guest’s Perspective

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January 20, 2015
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February 24, 2015
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Visit Jackson Hole- an Inn on the Creek Guest’s Perspective

Visit Jackson Hole- as told by an Inn on the Creek guest.

One of our favorite things about Inn on the Creek is all the great return guests we get. It’s fun to catch up on how things have been and what they are excited to try on this visit to Jackson Hole. A few weeks ago we had one such return couple and in the year since they last visisted, Beckie, has started a blog. We swapped tips on what we do for ours and how she finds stories for hers. Travel is one such component of her blog and Jackson was featured upon their return. We wanted to share it with you, so you can hear from a guest’s perspective of why to visit Jackson Hole.

Excerpt from the blog Paper Parasols:

Jackson Hole Winter Vacation. No We Don’t Ski.

Jackson Hole Airport has to be one of the most beautiful airports in the world. It literally nestles up to the Grand Tetons so you fly right into the base of these grand mountains. If you are lucky you’ll approach from the north and get an up close view of the peaks which stand 7,000 feet above the airport. This year the weather forecast was cloudy with light snow for the first days of our vacation. We knew there wouldn’t be much opportunity to see the Tetons until later in the week so we anxiously awaited our approach. We were delighted with the view out the right wing. Welcome back to Jackson Hole! That first magical moment of seeing the Grand Tetons cannot be recaptured but the majesty and grandeur will never cease to overcome me each time I see them. 

Photo courtesy of Beckie McCall, Paper Parasols

I love to travel and always want to make the most of my time. I don’t often repeat trips for this very reason. There is so much to see in this world and so little time to get it all in but there are just some places that demand a sequel. In preparing for my trips I use Trip Advisor, Yelp and search for  the “best of”.  I also use my friends.  Buying coffee or lunch for a friend and getting the scoop on the towns and cities I’m visiting is always on my “to do ” list before departure.  My husband, Mark, loves to watch Dives, Dinners and Drive-Ins so if he is along then that’s a must do!  This visit to Jackson Hole we wanted to make sure we didn’t repeat what we did in 2014 so in planning we thought about what we really enjoyed doing on our last visit and tried to build on it.  Our priorities this trip were to snowmobile to the Yellowstone Grand Canyon, dogsled in the Hoback area, hike, and utilize our rental car to see more wildlife. This was my Christmas present so I also had a secret agenda to find a fox fur hat to match my gloves from last year.   My search for “the best of” yielded Cowboy Coffee, the potpie from Sidewinders (Triple D of course!), the restaurant Lotus, an evening sleigh ride at Spring Creek Ranch  with  dinner at The Granary,  dog sledding at JH Iditarod Sled Dog Tours and snowshoe rental atSkinny Skis. With a plan in place we were set for Jackson Hole the Sequel… read the rest of the post and see Beckie’s great pictures


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