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May 11, 2015
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May 21, 2015
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Jackson Hole Activities- Naturalist Night

Winter 2015, a new tradition was started at the Inn on the Creek– Naturalist Night. Our guests loved this new tradition and became one of their favorite Jackson Hole Activities. Taylor Phillips, owner and operator of Eco Tours Adventure, treated our guests to a presentation on the Jackson Hole wildlife, ecosystem and geology.


Taylor Phillips, owner/ operator of Eco Tours Adventure, treats our guests to a wonderful presentation on the area.

During this weekly presentation, Taylor would include topics like how the Tetons and the valley formed, impact of humans on the native wildlife and current conservation efforts. Also, informing the guests of little known facts like the existence of a now- extinct North American cheetah that hunted the ancestors of the modern pronghorns or antelopes.


Hands on antlers, horns and pelts to learn about the Jackson Hole wildlife.

Taylor tailors each presentation to the interests of the guests in attendance and encourages questions. After the informative evening, many of our guests are interested in heading out to explore the area with a Wildlife Tour by Eco Tours Adventure. They offer half day sunrise or sunset tours around Jackson and Grand Teton National Park or a full day excursion to Yellowstone National Park. A half day tour is great to take early in your visit to help you get a lay of the land and knowledge of places to explore in more depth. We strongly recommend these tours, which are a highlight of so many of our guests’ vacation.

Staff and guests agree that the Naturalist Night at the Inn is one of the Jackson Hole Activities that will not be forgotten. We look forward to continuing these evenings during our Summer Season. Naturalist Night- just another reason to stay at Inn on the Creek during your visit to Jackson Hole!

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