Jackson Hole Activities: Exploring Grand Teton National Park in the Winter
February 13, 2013
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February 27, 2013
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Jackson Hole Winter Activities- Snowshoe Tour in the Tetons

A Walk in the Woods…

Grand Teton National ParkFor all those people that are looking for Jackson Hole Winter Activities, but perhaps don’t enjoy skiing, snowshoeing is a wonderful option.  Not only is it feasible for any age, but it allows you to venture into some of the most beautiful places in the valley.  Grand Teton National Park provides free ranger-led snowshoe tours. Tours are operated on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 1:30pm and start at the Bradley- Taggart Trailhead.

Historic SnowshoesIf you don’t happen to own your own snowshoes, the park will rent you some historic snowshoes for just $5.  While these extra-long wooden shoes might seem intimidating at first, they are in fact quite easy to manuever around in.  Furthermore, they are far quieter than the modern snowshoes so they allow you to truly enjoy the serenity of the snow-covered park.


After bundling up and strapping down your snowshoes, the ranger will proceed to break trail and take you to some wonderful spots in the park.  The tour is 2 hours, though much of the time is spent at these designated spots where the ranger discusses the various ways that wildlife in the park has adapted to winter.  You’ll hear stories about the mice scurrying around beneath the snow, bears hibernating up the mountains, and the highly-adaptable snowshoe hare.  You may even be lucky enough to see some wildlife while on the tour.

Guest SnowshoeingIn order to get a sense of how the snowshoes work you will have the opportunity to venture out on your own into some deep, untracked powder.  It becomes a bit more difficult to walk, but your snowshoes will keep you floating on the top of the snow.  Above is a photo of one of our guests as she walks across a frozen portion of the Snake River.

TetonsWhether you’re in Jackson to snowshoe, ski or simply just enjoy the scenery, Grand Teton National Park is worth a visit.  Here at Inn on the Creek we’re happy to recommend all types of outdoor adventures depending on the experience you’re looking for.  Jackson is full of fun and exciting ways to spend time enjoying our beautiful landscape.


  1. Jeff Randolph says:

    I miss those mountains and the hikes I used to take out there!! Keep up the great work friends!!

  2. Vikki Moore says:

    I am already dreaming and planning my return. I will definitely take the snowshoe tour.

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