Jackson Hole Bed and Breakfast Recipes: Puff the Magic Pastry

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January 1, 2015
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Jackson Hole Bed and Breakfast Recipes: Puff the Magic Pastry

We’ve gone crazy for puff pastry this holiday season at Inn on the Creek. Our cozy Jackson Hole Bed and Breakfast has been busy throughout Christmas and the New Year, and puff pastry has helped make our menus easy and amazingly delicious. We’re happy to share a few of our tasty tricks so you, too, can impress friends and guests at your next gathering.

First up is our new favorite, Baked Brie. This has been a hit throughout the holidays, including at our New Year’s Eve celebration. Guests snacked on this delicious appetizer and sipped champagne while watching Snow King Mountain’s annual torch light parade.

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The recipe is super simple. All you need is a box of puff pastry, a package of brie (or another creamy option like goat cheese would be delicious), a jar of jam, and (optional, of course) toasted almonds or chopped fruit.


  1. Open the box of frozen puff pastry. Remove one sheet and thaw it according to package directions (about one hour). Roll out the dough on a lightly floured counter, just enough to even out the surface and remove the creases from being folded up inside the package.
  2. Place a round of brie on top of the dough. Spoon about 1/4 cup of your favorite preserves or jam on top of the cheese. You can take the sweet or savory route here. We (and our guests) are loving the delicious fruit and herb jams from Roots Kitchen and Cannery in nearby Bozeman, MT. Sprinkle with toasted almonds and/or diced Granny Smith apples (or another fruit/nut combo).

Place the brie and desired filling on the rolled out puff pastry

3.   Fold the ends of the pastry over the filling to make a neat little package.

The baked brie ready to be baked.

The baked brie ready to be baked.

4.   Bake at 425 degrees F for 15 minutes. Turn down the oven to 400 and continue baking for 10-15 minutes more. The pastry should be golden brown and puffed. Let it set for just a few minutes. Cut one wedge to get the party started; then, serve with fruit, salami, and/or a wider selection of cheese and crackers.

Thanks for stopping by our blog. Check back soon for another of our favorite recipes featuring puff pastry. We hope to see you at our Jackson Hole Bed and Breakfast this winter season!

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