Jackson Hole Bed and Breakfast Recipe Book- Broccoli Chips

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Jackson Hole Bed and Breakfast Recipe Book- Broccoli Chips

Have you ever wished that you could do more with the broccoli stems other than just put them in soup? Well, here at the Inn on the Creek, a Jackson Hole Bed and Breakfast, we have gotten creative with our scraps and reduced our food waste! Our chef, Kelly, has perfected a delicious breakfast dish with extra cheesy potatoes topped with scrambled eggs, bacon, tomatoes and broccoli crowns. This dish has gone into heavy rotation at the Inn and has created lots of leftover broccoli stems. What’s an inventive chef to do, but get creative! With an eye on sustainable practices in the kitchen, Kelly took those scrapes and turned them into gold. Read on to discover her tasty eco-friendly solution.

After you use your beautiful head of broccoli make broccoli chips!


Slice the stocks about the width of a quarter. The larger they are the more they resemble art or very familiar in this neck of the woods- moose heads.


Broccoli Chips

Sauté the chips in olive oil and garlic salt or whatever your favorite flavors may be. Flip the broccoli chips until they get to a nice crispness.


Serve these on a pretty platter with a little color and add a homemade aioli sauce on the side for dipping. You will WOW your family and friends with the creative side of you they never knew.

For a healthier version these are just as wonderful baked. Or another great option is to make a tempura batter and serve with soy sauce. The sky is the limit!jackson hole bed and breakfast broccoli chips

When you are visiting the area stay with us at the Inn on the Creek, a Jackson Hole Bed and Breakfast, and enjoy our creative and delicious ways of reducing our food waste.

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