Spring Jackson Hole Vacations

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May 13, 2014
Celebrating Old West Days in Jackson Hole Wyoming
May 26, 2014
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Spring Jackson Hole Vacations

Jackson Hole vacations are known for opportunities to see abundant wildlife and beautiful landscapes filled with nothing but mountains, valleys, and winding rivers. April and May just might be the best time of year to escape life’s hustle and bustle and experience the wide open west, two of America’s most treasured national parks, the small-town charm of Jackson, Wyoming, and the thrill of watching nature awaken after a long, dormant winter.


Town Square’s iconic antler arches.

Spring Jackson Hole vacations are great times to view herds of elk, mule deer, bison and pronghorn in large numbers as they migrate from their winter ranges to their summer territories. An early morning or evening drive through Grand Teton National Park can reveal hundreds of elk grazing in the sagebrush at the foot of the mountain range. Spring weather can feel still feel wintry, but these storms lead to gorgeous, dramatic sunrises and sunsets


Clouds parting for sunrise over the Teton Range

Now is the time for many animal babies to begin exploring life outside their burrows and nests, making it possibly the cutest time of year in Jackson Hole. Bears are emerging from their dens, some with new cubs; bison calves have begun making their appearances; soon, fox kits, coyote pups, pronghorn fawns, and many more will follow suit.


A gosling emerges with its parents for one of its first forays into Flat Creek, just behind the Inn.

The rest of the natural world is coming to life as well. Every day, the grass is a little greener, the willows are a little redder, and tiny white and yellow flowers are beginning to surface. Fishermen are predicting the ice-off dates for the valley’s lakes. Songbirds are returning from their warmer winter homes. And best of all, this beauty is available without the crowds and distractions of the busy summer season.


The backyard at the Inn on the Creek is turning a lovely shade of spring green.

Visitors who value experiencing scenery in solitude might like to consider taking their Jackson Hole vacations in the quieter months of April and May. We at Inn on the Creek would love to help you plan a memorable trip.

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