Jackson Hole WY Vacation- A Trail for All Seasons!

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October 21, 2013
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Jackson Hole WY Vacation- A Trail for All Seasons!

When planning your Jackson Hole WY vacation, one of our favorite trails in Jackson Hole WY no matter what the season is to Taggart and Bradley Lakes in Grand Teton National Park.  Just beyond the entrance to Grand Teton National Park, visitors can pull off the main road into the pull out where this trailhead begins. With beautiful views of the Teton Range, it’s not unusual to see a fellow hiker or two along with a number of different animals.


Bradley and Taggart Lakes

Hiking through a glacial moraine, you gain a little bit of elevation while walking past young lodge pole pine trees growing after a fire swept through the area a number of years ago. In only 1.5 miles, you come up Taggart Lake, a beautiful small lake at the base of the Tetons. From there you can loop back to the parking area or go further to Bradley Lake. In summer both are a beautiful crystal clear blue.  On the way back, the trail takes you past some willowed areas where you can sometimes see moose, elk, or even bears!


Taggart Trailhead in Winter

The best part about this trail is that you can access it by snowshoe or cross-country ski in the winter during your Jackson Hole WY vacation.  Imagine blue sky above you, snow sparkling under the sun, and the mountains huge and expansive in front of you! The lakes are often fully or partially frozen making for a dramatic scene.

This is a favorite hike amongst visitors during their Jackson Hole WY vacation and Jackson locals!

Taggart Lake Trailhead Map

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