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Rooms with a Wildlife View at a Jackson Hole Luxury Hotel

This winter Inn on the Creek, a Jackson Hole Luxury Hotel, has had many guests from near and far and even some with 4-legs and antlers or bills and feathers! The Inn’s beautiful backyard with Flat Creek attracts this area’s wildlife to water or grab a bite to eat. Trumpeter swans, golden-eye ducks, deer, otters and moose have all dropped by the Inn for a visit this winter.


The beautiful snowy white trumpeter swans on Flat Creek


Trumpeter Swans, the largest birds in North America, are a guests’ favorite. Our Inn is known as Jackson’s most romantic inn, so it is the perfect spot for these love birds that tend to mate for life and are seen in pairs behind the Inn. After being hunted to near extinction for their feathers, that were considered to make the best quills, their population has rebound and is no longer in danger. Trumpeter Swans can live up to the ripe old age of 24 in the wild, so we look forward to welcoming our swan visitors back to the Inn for many more years to common.  (Source: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Website)


A pair of trumpeter swans relaxing



The common golden-eye ducks bobbing on Flat Creek

The gold/ yellow color of their eyes gives the common golden eye ducks their name. These ducks fly south to Wyoming for the winter and call Flat Creek behind the Inn home for the season. The male golden eye ducks far exceed the Jackson casual dress attire with their formal black and white feathers, which reminds one of a tux. Looking for peace and serenity, spend a lazy afternoon watching these ducks dive for their food, up to 55 seconds underwater, on Flat Creek. They dive as a flock so their coordinated dips make them look like synchronized swimmers of the bird world.  (Source: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Website)

Mother moose lounging

Mother moose lounging

The families that stay at the Inn love to play in our backyard and creek and this moose family was no different! A mother and her yearling made their presence known while visiting the Inn during the beginning of March. With snow levels well above average this pair was on the hunt for food and found golden willows, one of their favorite dining options, on the edge of our creek.

Yearling moose crossing Flat Creek

Yearling moose crossing Flat Creek


Yearly moose splish splashing through the Creek

Yearly moose splish splashing through the Creek

Many deer spend their winter on and around Saddle Butte just on the opposite side of Flat Creek. Our favorite story of a deer sighting at the Inn this winter came from a British couple that takes an annual ski trip to Jackson Hole and was staying with us for the first time. After a VERY long day of travel and arriving at the Inn in the dark, they crashed out to get some zzz’s unsure of their new surroundings. Well after awaking from a peaceful night’s sleep, they opened their curtains and were greeted by a small herd of deer meandering across Saddle Butte. One look at the deer out their window and they knew they had found the right spot for their 2014 Jackson Hole ski trip!

Deer on Saddle Butte

Deer on Saddle Butte

Stay with Inn on the Creek on your next vacation and get your own room with a wildlife view in a Jackson Hole Luxury Hotel.



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