Jackson Hole Activities- Teton County Fair

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July 21, 2015
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Jackson Hole Activities- Teton County Fair

At the end of each July, Jackson Hole is home to the Teton County Fair. If you really want a taste of small western town feel, this is an excellent time to visit!

There are many aspects of the Teton County Fair and one of the most popular is the rodeo and rodeo events. Competitors travel the west to compete in barrel racing, calf roping, bronc and bull riding, and more! With different events each day and a culminating rodeo on Saturday, anyone looking to enjoy this western sport, need look no further.

Bull riding at the Jackson Hole Rodeo (photo courtesy of http://www.tetonwyo.org/fair/)

Another favorite at the Teton County Fair is the 4 H animals where local children show off their hard work for the year. Raising cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, or rabbits, visitors can see the hard work and dedication of these 4Hers pay off. Cows, sheep, and pigs are auctioned off to raise money for the local 4 H chapter and scholarships. While it’s always hard to see the animal you raised for a year go, these students are always proud of their accomplishment in raising healthy animals and teaching folks about the process.

4 H Pig Raising (photo courtesy of http://www.tetonwyo.org/fair/).

Evening entertainment is always a blast especially with everyone’s two favorites- Pig Wrestling and the Figure 8 Car Race. Teams of four people enter to wrestle a greased pig into a barrel. It’s as hard as it sounds! Teams take pride in picking their name and costumes and hopefully successfully wrestling a pig! Figure 8 Races, consist of junker cars racing in the Rodeo arena for time. It’s always most exciting when a collision takes place or engines start to smoke! With Fire/EMS standing by, this event is safer than it sounds!

A car smoking during the Figure 8 Races (photo courtesy of http://www.tetonwyo.org/fair/).

Pig Wrestling (photo courtesy of http://www.tetonwyo.org/fair/).























Folks visit from near and far to check out the Teton County Fair each year. Whether you make a special trip for it or not, it’s always fun to stop by some of the events and see how it’s done in small town Wyoming!

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