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Jackson Hole Winterfest- Winter Activities

Jackson Hole hosts the 4th annual Winterfest February 14-23 complete with ice skating, skiing, cutter racing, ski joring and more!

With the success of the last three years, we once again are hosting a Winterfest in the middle of our excellent winter season. One of the main attractions is the Cutter Races hosted by the Jackson Hole Shriners Club to raise money for children needing medical assistance. With the tag line “The Cutters run that a child may walk,” the two day event attracts locals and visitors alike. You may be wonding what a cutter race is- it’s a horse-drawn chariot race over snow. Bets are placed, food and drink are provided, and everyone has a great time! Ski joring has also become part of the mix where a single skier is pulled by horse over the snow. A bit of an extreme sport, racers often enter for the thrill of the ride and the possibility of victory!

To get a better idea of this long standing Jackson tradition, check out the video below!

Another favorite event during the Jackson Hole Winterfest is the Cross Country Ski Moose Chase. No, folks do not chase a moose, but they do race on a cross country ski track. Some of Jackson’s and the region’s best athletes participate in this competitive race. It’s always exciting to watch these athletes and cheer on friends and family! Check out another great video below to know about the Moose Chase!


If you’re eager to not just be a spectator, there are also fun events to participate in such as Ice Skating on the Town Square. A picturesque setting where you can skate during the day or night. Rent you skates right on the square and enjoy a little bit of fun!


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