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Jackson Hole B and B Spring Recipes

We are excited about Spring here at our Jackson Hole B and B! Despite recurring snow storms, there have been a number of signs of spring in Jackson Hole in the last few weeks: longer days and warmer temperatures, crazy costumes on the ski hill, two-for-one dinner specials at local restaurants, and even patches of grass appearing in our backyard!

spring at our jackson hole b&b

We love to cook in-season veggies, and asparagus is one of the signs of spring we have been celebrating in the kitchen at Inn on the Creek.  The perfect balance of tenderness and crunchiness; that unique, tangy-sweet-earthy flavor; and, of course, its gorgeous bright green color all make it an ingredient worth the celebration.

Here are two ways we have incorporated delicious fresh asparagus into our Jackson Hole B and B menu, one for brunch and one for an evening appetizer or snack.

Asparagus, Prosciutto & Egg English Muffins (serves 4)

Adapted from My Recipes Website


2 T olive oil
16 asparagus spears, washed & ends trimmed
2 fresh rosemary sprig (basil or dill are also delicious)
2 English muffins, split
½ c. grated parmesan cheese
4 large eggs
8 thin slices prosciutto
¼ t. salt
¼ t. pepper


  • Heat 1 T. oil in large skillet over med-high heat. Add asparagus and sauté until tender, about 5 minutes. Transfer to a plate and set aside.
  • Reduce heat to medium; add remaining oil and fresh herbs to the skillet. Cook until oil is hot, about two minutes, then discard herbs. Place English muffins in pan and toast in the infused oil, about one minute on each side. Sprinkle parmesan on each piece of bread and continue to cook until cheese begins to melt. Transfer to plate and set aside.
  • Reduce heat to med-low and gently fry eggs to your liking. Place one English muffin half per plate and top with 2 prosciutto slices, 4 asparagus spears, and 1 fried egg. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and garnish with additional fresh herbs if desired. Enjoy!


jackson hole b&b recipe


Pickled Asparagus 

Adapted from


30 asparagus spears
1/3 c. coarse salt
Cold water
1 2/3 c. distilled white vinegar
2/3 c. sugar
1 T. salt
1 T. mustard seed
1 ½ t. dill seed
1 small white onion, sliced into rings
½ t. chili pepper flakes (optional)
4 sprigs fresh dill
3 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped
*also need large glass Tupperware or two large mason jars for storage*


  • Trim ends of asparagus spears and cut into 3 inch lengths. Place pieces in large bowl with 1/3 c. salt, and cover with cold water. Let stand for 1-2 hours. Drain, rinse under cool water and pat dry.
  • In saucepan over medium heat, combine vinegar, sugar, 1 T. salt, mustard seed, dill seed and onion rings. Optional, add garlic now for stronger garlic flavor. Bring to a boil and boil one minute, reduce heat and simmer up to five minutes (if using an electric range, simply turn off heat but keep pan on burner). Remove from heat, cool slightly.
  • Place asparagus, dill sprigs and pepper flakes in glass container(s). Optional, add garlic now for less garlic flavor. Pour brine into container(s), cover and refrigerate overnight and up to five days. The flavor does get stronger over time. Dill-icious!

Jackson Hole B&B recipe

We hope you enjoy these recipes at home. We would love for you to stay with us, and savor some Spring flavor at this cozy Jackson Hole B and B!

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